Facial Treatments

Guinot Treatments

Guinot is a high class salon exclusive brand, with over 40 years experience their mission has been to make women feel beautiful, using unique & innovative treatments/produced methods. Each treatment is tailor made to suit you and your beauty goals.

Guinot recommends 1 facial a week for 3 weeks to achieve maximum results.
Hydradermie YouthThis exclusive treatment is suitable for all skin types, stimulating
cellular activity, deep cleanses the skin and rehydrates
1 hr£66.00
Course of 3£175.00
Hydradermie Youth Age LogicFor those wanting that little bit extra, as above with added
firming and regenerating serums, targeting signs of ageing
for a toned and radiant result
1hr 15min£80.00
Course of 3£210.00
Hydradermie Lift ExpressAn express facial for a quick lift, perfect before an event
Course of 3£120.00
Hydradermie LiftA non surgical lifting treatment giving the facial muscles a
workout, including lymphatic drainage leaving the skin firmer
and smooth
Course of 3£175.00
Hydradermie Lift DeluxeThe deluxe anti ageing treatment combines the age logic and
lift facials together for the ultimate skin and muscle boost
1hr 30min£105.00
Course of 3£275.00
Eye LiftThe eye reduces puffiness, dark circles, hydrates, plumps out fine
lines, as well as stimulating the eye muscles for that desired lift
Course of 3£145.00
Age SummumThe ultimate Anti-Ageing facial for those looking for the next step up. Not suitable for ultra sensitive skin types, plumps, smooths and resculpts the face.
Course of 3£200.00
Lift SummumA reshaping, firming and all over lifting facial, fine lines are
visibly plumped and the facial contours redesigned
Course of 3£200.00
Hydra PeelingAn intense exfoliating facial that will leave your skin brighter,
fresher and more radiant
Course of 3£170.00
AromaticThis holistic facial uses essential oils to treat specific concerns
for an all round relaxing experience
Course of 3£128.00
Essential FacialOur classic essential facial using Guinot’s favourite products,
a great starter facial for a little TLC
Course of 3£105.00

CACI Treatments

CACI Non Surgical Solutions
Award winning anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatments which lift and tone without the need for surgery. To see long lasting results from the non surgical facelift, it is highly recommended to have a course of 10 treatments followed by a maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks
Course of 3 treatments£155.00
Course of 10 treatments£490.00
Super CACI1hr 15min£72.00
Course of 3 treatments£195.00
CACI Jowl lift add on to to above treatments15min£10.00
CACI Jowl lift20min£25.00
Course of 10£220.00

Cancellations must be notified 24hrs prior to your appointment to avoid a discretionary cancellation fee of £10.00 being added to your next treatment